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shoeboy.jpgChristmas Shoebox Appeal

Over the years our Christmas Shoebox Appeal has become increasingly popular. This may be because we are a small charity who can ensure every box is given appropriately, whether this be a general shoebox to a child in one of our Soup Kitchens or a Christmas Shoebox that has been prepared for a specific child.

It is not our intention to open the boxes but we do ask they are GOOD boxes. Just imagine you are a child who regularly comes to one of our Soup Kitchens. It is Christmas time, and there is a bit of a party and you see Christmas Gifts being distributed. Looking around you see your friends excitedly open their shoeboxes and the air is filled with enthusiastic should of joy. Now it is your turn, you are given a beautifully wrapped box and with great anticipation, you carefully open it. Lifting the lid you see what is inside, a second hand and rather over loved teddy, some old clothes and a bar or two of soap. How bad would you feel? Everyone else has lovely new things.

Our Christmas Shoebox scheme is not one about numbers, but is about quality. These are lovely children who deserve our generosity. Each box is given with love and will be treasured by the children. We feel it would be better, if necessary in these hard times, for two or three families to get together and make one good box rather than have two or three sparse boxes.

Please remember we take Christmas boxes for children and grannies and grandpas. We have prepared some guidance notes so please click one of the following  -

2018 Christmas Shoebox leaflet

Christmas Shoe box

Powerpoint show