Bringing relief to poor people & families in





Registered Charity No. 1062623


Basically anyone in need. Christian Response has released many hundreds of thousands of pounds to aid Eastern Europe and has setup many other special projects.

It is our intention to help in an effective way. This may be to react to an immediate medical need where the medical treatment will result in an improvement to the family.

Decisions can be extremely difficult. To give an example a case that arose a short while ago involved a grandmother who was looking after three grandchildren.

The granddaughter, aged 14, was very ill with an unknown complaint that may have been life threatening. Until a thorough examination and treatment was given you wouldn't know. At the same time the grandmother was very ill and needed examination and treatment. If we had the money to help just one, whom should we help?

Obviously helping a young 14-year-old girl should take precedence, however if the grandmother were to die then three children would be out on the streets. Is it therefore better to help the grandmother and ignore a 14-year-old girl?

Decisions such as these are an every day occurrence.

As far as other help is concerned, it is given to individuals, orphanages, schools etc but before any help is given we carry out research to try and ensure that all our efforts achieve the objective.