Bringing relief to poor people & families in





Registered Charity No. 1062623


Although very much a Christian charity the aims are to help those most in need in an effective and positive way without consideration of their faith, or lack of it.

We have two main objectives, one short term and the other long term.

People in Moldova are suffering unbelievable hardship, the BBC recently described Moldova as a European country with African levels of poverty. The problem is most people have never heard of Moldova let alone understand the conditions that prevail there.

It is important that we help with their needs today. We take articulated lorries laden with humanitarian aid including very good quality clothing, bedding, school supplies, computers as well as medical supplies and equipment. These are distributed without charge to benefit as many as possible.

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. Family Support

. Orphanges

. Soup Kitchens

The medical facilities in Moldova are wildly different to those found in the west. Equipment frequently has not worked for years, surgical equipment is damaged and outdated and drugs and medicines can be very difficult to obtain. We are building relationships with Doctors in various parts of Moldova with the intention of supporting them in their work with equipment etc and also a knowledge database. If we can support a few Doctors we should be able to help many hundreds of people who have medical problems. In the short term we can help with finance and basic supplies and equipment but in the long term we hope to build good relationships, improve knowledge and encourage the Doctors generally.


In addition to the ongoing medical programme we also encourage education wherever possible. We take good used computers which are placed in schools, many of which have never seen a computer before, our soup kitchens, churches etc. We try and encourage both young and old to have access to computers to learn about the technology and the benefits it can give. We have provided funds for schools for equipment and also repair work. Many of the schools have had little or no money spent on them for a considerable time. We take pens, paper, files etc to be given to the children by way of school packs. Many schools have little or no sports equipment, indeed some of the schools do not even possess a ball! If we can encourage and improve educational standards, especially in the villages, this will help the country in the long term. Wherever possible we are looking to start several small businesses with the intention of employing people on a living wage and using the profits to fund things such as the soup kitchens, orphanages etc. By employing people we can give them the dignity of earning a living and supporting their family independently whilst they will recognise the fact that the more profit the business makes the more vulnerable people could be supported in the soup kitchens and orphanages and also the elderly who are equally vulnerable.