Bringing relief to poor people & families in





Registered Charity No. 1062623


We are a group of dedicated people, concerned with the plight of those suffering in Eastern Europe. And in particular Moldova and Romania

We are:

Collectors - collecting good quality clothing, School equipment, computers, Toys, medical supplies, etc

Shoe box packers! Many schools and groups prepare and pack shoe boxes for Christmas.

Truck Loaders who help load the articulated lorries.

Knitters who knit tirelessly items such as leg warmers, pullovers, gloves etc.

Supporters who help us financially

Family Supporters who support specific families in Moldova and/or Romania both financially, and in the case of Moldova, by  sending Family support boxes

Schools and clubs who help in many ways.

Animal sponsors. People who give money to buy animals for families/orphanages etc.


many, many more who help in other ways.

The Management Team comprises of a cocktail of Christians, most denominations are represented.

We are assisted by many people who are not necessarily Christian and we are very grateful for all the help we get.

The people we seek to help are lovely hard working people and they deserve good things. Their only ‘crime' is they were born the wrong side of a border. They were born in Eastern Europe and not in the West.

If you wish to know more about becoming involved in our work please forward an email indicating your interest and how you think you might be able to help to mail@christianresponse.org.uk