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Medical News - July 2005

CR2EE supports many families and tries to respond to their many genuine needs. Many of the needs that are presented to CR2EE are medical. The medical problems are often complex and chronic having their origins in abject poverty, alcohol abuse and accident. The full spectrum of common medical complaints are found. Children are often particularly affected. Congenital abnormalities are common. Many of the families are unable to access medical care due to lack of money. Many of the health beliefs are very different from those we have in the UK. Families worry a lot about there health many believing they do not have access to medical care. Recently an Insurance scheme has been introduced. It covers part of the medical care. Some families cannot afford to subscribe to the scheme.

CR2EE is working with doctors and nurses in Moldova to develop ways to over come the medical burden. Attempt to seek ways to increase the knowledge of simple medical problems.

CR2EE receives much in the way of donation of medical equipment. It is our hope that this will continue.