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This letter is one of many we receive 

My name is Igor Railean. I am the pastor of the Baptist Church in Pinzareni village in the Republic of Moldova.

mariagirl.jpgTogether with the church members I began a project to help children from socially vulnerable families from our village. Approximately 20-25 children from such families get daily a warm lunch at the church.

Among these children there are two sisters from the most depraved family in the village. The parents drink. The girls Maria 8 year-old and Natasha 6 year-old live in extreme conditions and endure a lot of sufferings from their parents. Mother often sends them after alcoholic drinks in the village and if they don’t bring them the girls are severely beaten by their mother.

Many times together with the social workers from thenatasha.jpg church we have seen the results of the beatings on the girls’ backs. Because the parents drink all the money they do not have on what to buy food. That’s why the girls the majority of times eat just once a day at the church. And often they go to sleep hungry. Also because the parents drink they buy them no clothes and no shoes. This winter was severely cold for Moldova. On a frost of -25 these sisters wore gum boots. Their feet were violet-blue because of the cold. Because of this the youngest girl Natasha got sick and in spring she was put in hospital.

That’s why we ask you if you can help financially these poor girls to buy winter clothes and shoes for winter sending money on my name because their parents will drink the money if they get it and the girls’ state would not change.

From the pastor of the church   Igor Railean

Needless to say these children will be helped as will Igor and the “Soup Kitchen” with ongoing support. But all this and our other projects need funding.

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