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Registered Charity No. 1062623


The origin of CR2EE goes back to a hot sticky day in September 1990 when a young man, Gary Taverner, who lived in Woodbury, Devon was stuck in a traffic jam on his way to an appointment in Dorset. Gary says ‘Out of the blue' God spoke to him in what he describes as a very real and totally new way. Something he had not experienced before in his Christian life. He saw a picture of children suffering in inhuman conditions and they were crying out for help. At the same time he experienced an overwhelming presence of perfect love and peace. His thoughts were then filled with God's instruction to go to Northern Romania.

Gary shared this experience with close friends associated with his church and after receiving many more signs of confirmation Gary found himself encouraged and supported by several people around him. As a result of this six lorries left for Romania on 21st December 1990 laden with childrens' Christmas presents, clothes, footwear, bedding, all kinds of food including an articulated lorry full of frozen food. All kinds of groups including churches, schools, commercial companies, and individuals poured in the much needed goods to bring cheer and hope to the needy folk in Romania following the demise of the Ceaucescin reign. As well as all the volunteers engaged in collecting, sorting and packing the goods, there was the willingness of 17 drivers who gave their time and forsook their Christmas at home to drive the six lorries that had been generously loaned by local companies.

Having prayed their way through all the borders of the European countries of France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and finally Romania, they arrived in time to bring some Christmas joy and hope to various churches in Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Turda and orphanages in the north near Suceava.

Having seen the great need of the people and the country other missions with several lorries in each followed on in the name of ‘Christ Church aid for Romania'. They shipped out much need food and clothes as well as Agricultural equipment and specialist medical and X-Ray equipment that became available from hospitals in Devon.

After numerous missions involving over 100 lorry loads (mostly 32 ton capacity articulated lorries.) the charity was led to help in Albania and subsequently, in 1997, in Moldova.

Having set up a family support system in Romania, by encouraging families in England to sponsor families in Romania, we spent many years shipping their parcels of much needed goods out to Romania for distribution by the churches with whom we had linked ourselves. Again volunteer drivers gave their time to drive lorries loaned by trusting companies in order that the parcels would reach the supported families. With food and clothes becoming much more available in Romania, import regulations and the relative costs of these items made it much more economic to support the families financially. This also supported the local economy. We still assist with the support of over 100 families in Romania from the giving of individuals and groups here in England.

Since February 1997 we have been involved in the providing of essentials such as food, clothing, bedding and medical supplies to individuals, families and support organisations in Moldova with an average of three lorries a year. We have also developed the Family support scheme to cover families in Moldova and more recently have been encouraging supporters to sponsor the purchase of animals and education to help these needy families.

In 1998 having involved ourselves in other Eastern European countries outside of Romania, ‘Christ Church aid for Romania' was incorporated into a new charity which is now known as ‘Christian Response to Eastern Europe'. (Charity number 1062623).